Friday, 11 July 2014

1/600th Aircraft - USN MiG Killers - Part 2

The text and numbers for all the aircraft has been designed which didn't take too long.  Just playing around with the actual fit of decals vs correct sizes as the TD model detail is exaggerated (as is anything at this scale).  Paul over at TD very kindly sent me the new air frames over this morning so I now have all the metal needed and might spend an hour or so this afternoon cleaning up the mould lines etc.

This is the current state of progress

This is the scaling that I have managed to get to with the decals and gives a rough approximation of the sizes I am using.  I have snap to grid on so I couldn't quite get the guides to match up to the font so the NAVY 6.0 might be an inch either way (at this scale).

I am out for dinner tonight and have family commitments over the weekend so nothing expected before sunday night, but MIGHT get a test print run off in draft just to check I haven't cocked anything up.

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