Friday, 25 July 2014

Modern - USMC CAAT Team

My Peter Pig order arrived the other day.  I wanted a mix to give me the most flexibility. PP ranges always have little touches which show some thought has gone into the models and the ranges.  These are no different. You can order the HMMWV with any one of three weapon options: 40mm AGL, TOW, M2 HB. LMG.  you can also order separate weapons either as complete packs or using their special ordering service.  I ordered 2 TOW and 2 Mk19 AGL and a separate pack of the M2. This should give a reasonable mix to represent the USMC CAAT from 2003.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are at least two rear compartment options as well which make mixing the unit up even better.  I also found that in the M2 pack as a closed hatch as well as the four crew mounts.  The M2 packs and the Mk19 crew also have separate heads which really lets you play around with the look of the unit.

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