Sunday, 20 July 2014

Modern - USMC in Iraq 2003 - M1A1s

Following up from some cracking modern games the other weekend, I decided to sort out my USMC forces. I have the rough equivalent of a platoon and to differentiate between squads, one is in desert camo with coyote brown web gear; one is in desert camo with green/BDU web gear and body armour and the last squad will be in MOPP gear with desert helmet cover and boots.

To support the platoon, which is mechanised in AAV-7P Amtracks I am adding a CAAT section and a pair of M1A1 Abrams.

I didn't fancy metal M1A1s as they do take a while to clean up and I would still want to add detail to them. So, I picked up a couple of the Zvezda hot wars kits.  These are similar to their art of tactic range for WW2 but are in hard plastic. There has been speculation that the M1A1 kit was sent for tooling too early and the model does have inconsistent levels of detail as you can see below. The turret is very basic while the hull has some good detail but then doesn't have any detail on the side skirts.

I added a M2 and an M240 from Peter Pig's M113 kit and added a BF M113 cupola. Out of scale but it gave me something to mount the M2 on without scratch building the whole mount and I had two left over.

I then added the Combat ID panels and the frame on the turret from Plastruct rod, before drilling out the antenna mounts.

 I also separated the track pads.

I now base all my vehicles so spent Saturday morning texturing and painting 6 bases for the Amtracks as well as the Abrams.

All the vehicles were mounted in one session and then left to dry.

Need to add some stowage and generally make these untidy plus an odd bit of touch up is still needed.

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