Wednesday, 27 August 2014

1/600th Aircraft - MiG Killer Progress

Managed to get going on this project, but with most things I am suffering from word blindness and contradictory photo references.

The block of USN and USMC aircraft have all been: undercoated, VJ Deck Tan base coat applied, Canopies painted, radome colours applied and exhausts painted in;  They have also all had the Stars n' Bars applied using Doms Decals.

I have then applied all the vertical lettering and numbers such as NAVY and the BuNo and Modex, that are black, as opposed to anything with a shear and or white.

I have added any coloured bands to the fin and wing tips where I can find a photo.  Problem as always is the scribed detail being overscale so lines aren't quite where they should be which causes me a few problems with exact matches for Tail code and art work.

The VF-114 aircraft kept a vertical NH tail code which has been applied to both the early and later squadron schemes.

Anywhere I found a reference for Air Wing codes on the Starboard wing I also made up the lettering and Modex again if I found a reference.

VF-21, VF-111 and VF-96 aircraft have the tail art added as I had that left over from an earlier project, which now show where I didn't finish an aircraft from the earlier refresh such as the VF-21 aircraft below.

Current sat working up the decals for a couple of aircraft at a time to finish them off, working in Squadron order, rather than the order they appear in the book.  This is to save time as it is always easier to work in a production fashion.

The problem, if you can call it that, is that photo references can send you down the wrong road.  For example in the Osprey 1965 - 70 book the VF-114 aircraft on page 59, shows air wing identifier and Modex on the Starboard wing but doesn't have a black radome so no idea of the date of the photo.  So right or wrong I have now put these markings on my VF-114 early aircraft only to find an earlier photo with no Modex....These are gaming models not display pieces so TLAR applies.

VF-96 early scheme on one aircraft finished.  30+ to go......;(

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