Friday, 13 December 2013

Central Front - BAOR - Turn 1 Phase 2

6 & 10 MSD are suffering from Friction and are stalled somewhat. 6 MSD have now run into 20 ARMDBDE from 4 ARMDDIV
207 MRD is doing its job of being bait.
35 MRD despite showing early promise has now bumped into 33 ARMDBDE from 4 ARMDDIV.

Both sides look tired so probably will call end of turn and we will move to the afternoon of Day 1 with the WP still having air superiority. Whether I decide to throw some air assault in this turn remains to be seen. Both sides are looking for reinforcements, for NATO the next Belgian Brigade is due and the WP the 12 GTD is about to follow up probably behind 35MRD, but as it can be committed last it will reinforce the success (as per doctrine)

Game combats as meeting engagements which might make the table top……
RHG/D and 1 RRW up against the TR and MSR from 6 MSD (might try that as a 2,1 BG (RHG/D) vs the TR and a 2,2 BG (1 RRW) against the MSR or 3,1 RHG/D and 1,2 RRW (if people want to try out the different BG combinations feel free)

SCOTS DG up against an initial thrust by the 35 MRD Ind Tk Bn which has been thrown forward as a Forward Detachment with the 69 MRR adding its bulk to the engagement.

33 MRR/207 MRD against 14 Pz Bn supported by a Coy from the Recce Bn.

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