Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Going back to my roots - WRG Rules

When I first started playing wargames, WRG was the staple rule set for a good proportion of the gamers I knew.  Then we moved on as more rules came out with new ideas and concepts and my WRG sets fell into the unused pile.  We now have a glut of rules for possibly any conceivable engagement at any game scale at multiple levels of command and control.

I wondered what would happen if I went back to one of the first rule sets I ever used and played a couple of games with them and what would be my experience; would it be a renaissance?

For this I am going to go back to the WRG Modern rule set published in 1979 for the period 1950 - 1985.  These rules were for 1:1 engagements at the Company combat team up to Battalion Battlegroup level.  This fits in with my fleeting interest in Cold War 1985 engagements where NATO forces are likely to be at the Battalion level and the WP forces will enter from the line of march.  It means I can play out small engagements without having to go the Operational level for some things.

What it does mean is that I will probably buy more vehicles and Infantry as I am unlikely to strip off my MSH units from their bases.  But it does mean that all my terrain has more of a meaning than the slightly abstract representation it did before.

Biting off too much in one go is a sure way to lose enthusiasm so I am going to try out some simple Battle Drills with about a company to see how it goes.

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