Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Modern - M1064A3

Now that I have completed the USMC forces for Road to Baghdad, I began looking at the US Army forces needed.  A couple of bradley's, slack handful of M113s including a Bandaid and a M1064A3 Mortar carrier.

As I only need one I tried out some ideas using the BF M113 kits that I purchased.  The book says that it has the ACAV kit for the commander which was in the kit already, so I made up the external fuel tanks using plasticard, trimmed down the covers over the road wheels by 1mm or so and made a couple of bits of baggage out of green stuff and finally pinched some jerrycans from the PSC Sdkfz 251 kit (I think thats where they came from).

Good enough to game with and I have some better ideas about what to do for the M113s which will all need to be the same.  Aftermarket potential on these kits is great but needs someone with the skills.

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