Thursday, 21 August 2014

Modern - M2A2 ODS Next Stages

The remaining two M2A2 ODS that I bought, have now been given a basecoat of the Tamiya XF-59.  I have added the rear Id Panels (sorry bored you enough with those now) as well as the covers for the gunner's sight.

Early shot showing the the styrene panels.  They are way overscale but good enough for me to game with

Base coat added and on this one (which will be callsign 112) I have taken the last panel off as well.

 Compared to the first one from the rear

And from the front with the revised sight which is only 3 pieces of styrene

Need to decide on how the antenna's will be added yet (but I can do that at a later stage) and as I have two M1A1 to do as well the next highlight coats will be added when I do all the models together.  Then on to markings and stowage and basing

Already lost interest in these ;) and thinking of going back to the MiG Killer project

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