Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Retro Gaming - WRG Modern ideas Part 1

What have I started, I am now back to looking in old books for individual platoon organisations. Oh well, nothing really changed I have been so focussed on higher level that I can't remember anything about the lower level org of my soviet forces.

My first game will be something simple as just running one or two Combat Recce Patrols (CRP) down a road towards a village.

The CRP will be followed at a distance of between 5 and 10 Km by the remainder of the Forward Security Element (FSE).  If I assume that the forces are going to be moving at the tracked Medium movement rate this means that even flat out they are going to be separated by something like 10 turns and probably more.  The ideas is that the CRP, and FSE, are there to provide security warning for the main body, which is at least another 10 turns behind the FSE so I can probably fight some lower level engagements before having to worry about the bigger stuff.  So remind me why I am using 6mm for this, surely 15mm or larger would have been appropriate?

If I assume, as this is just a try out, that I am concerned about the small scale actions of the CRP and FSE then the sector of advance is small and in fact would probably have only been on one axis of advance so I can just put a small strip of terrain down and then "just" randomise what the CRP encounters and how the FSE deals with it and sets the conditions for the main body to either bypass or attack.

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