Monday, 29 September 2014

1/600th Aircraft - USS Constellation Air Wing 1972 (Part 1 - F-4Js & A-7s)

The USS Constellation Air Wing in 1972 comprised:

VF-92 F-4J
VF-96 F-4J
VA-146 A-7
VA-147 A-7
VA-165 A-6
VAQ-130 (Detachment 1) EKA-3B

When I first started into this area this was the carrier that I had made up.  The aircraft now look out of place since I consolidated the F-4 schemes and changed over the base colour to Vallejo Deck Tan as USN Gull Gray for the MiG Killer project.

So I have now just updated four of the VF-96 Fighting Falcons and two pairs of A-7s from the Argonauts and Blue Diamonds in the new scheme.  

The Blue and Yellow on the Blue Diamonds comes through without the need for a white background. 

I am not completely happy with the Argonauts though.  I think I might need to go back and thicken up the lines onthe sword and also add more of a shadow on the NG tailcode.  But as I only need 2 more A-7s I might compromise and do them as VA-146.

1/600th Aircraft - 3 New Projects

As I had a bit of fun, if you can call it that, making up the USN MiG killers I have been left with a wall of USN Aircraft in the old grey scheme which now look out of place.  So....what I have decided to do (current planning) is.

  • A 1972 Themed Air Wing using USS Constellation as a base which is all "big" aircraft such as the F-4J, A-7 and A-6 Attack aircraft, EKA-3B for the EW and the RA-5 as the Recon aircraft.
    • 2 F-4J CAP
    • 2 F-4J SEAD Escort
    • 2 F-4J Strike Escort
    • 2 A-7 SEAD (Option 1)
    • 4 A-7 Strike 
    • 2 A-6 SEAD (Option 2)
    • 2 A-6 Strike (Replaces 2 A-7 Strike as an option)
    • 1 EKA-3B EW
    • 1 RA-5C Recon
  • A 1967 - 68 Air Wing using USS Kitty Hawk.  As I have already done a block of the VF-114 from this carrier it means that I wont need too much time with the F-4s
    • 2 F-4B CAP
    • 2 F-4B SEAD Escort
    • 2 F-4B Strike Escort
    • 2 A-4 SEAD (Option 1)
    • 4 A-4 Strike
    • 2 A-6 SEAD (Option 2)
    • 2 A-6 Strike (Replaces 2 A-4 Strike as an option)
    • 1 EA-1F EW
    • 1 RA-5C Recon

  • A 1965 - 66 Air Wing using USS Oriskany.  Means I have a Crusader based wing which can be used for later engagements as well if needed.
    • 2 F-8 CAP
    • 2 F-8 SEAD Escort
    • 2 F-8 Strike Escort
    • 4 A-4 Strike
    • 2 A-4 SEAD
    • 1 EA-1F EW (Option 1)
    • 1 EF-10B EW (Option 2)
    • 1 RF-8 Recon
This doesn't mean new models as there are plenty of old ones that need a tidy up and the odd spare air-frame in the spares box. Just means I have a bit of direction to actually get the aircraft actually painted up (it also speeds things up a bit as I can "do" all the decals in one go as well).

Monday, 15 September 2014

1/600th Aircraft - USN MiG Killers - Finished (as far as I am going anyway)

As the title says, these are completed to a standard I am happy to game with.  Couple of errors such as decals slipping during the varnish stage and might need to get redone in the future.  The VF-96 aircraft are still in the old scheme as well which really shows and there are a couple of places where the decals aren't the size I wanted.  They are more consistent than other projects

I have put them in Squadron groups rather than day by day chronology:

All done (in a very hazy shot)

 The Singletons (VF-111, VF-161, VF-33, VF-31, VF-103, VF-213

VF-161, VF-111, VF-33 

VF-213, VF-31, VF-103

VF-143, VF-92, VFMA-333


VF-142 and VF-161



VF-96 and VF-114

VF-96 (the old scheme really needs replacing)


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

For Sale - 1/44th Scale Modern Dragon Armour

Never going to do this project and made a right mess over the years I have had it.  Needs a good home.  If I find any more while cleaning out you can have those bits as well

Air Combat - Downtown - D2 Beginnings Planning Pt 1

Part of the downsize includes actually gaming with some of the stuff I have left with more.  As I am keeping my 1/600th aircraft I have decided to give Downtown a bit of a dusting off and do some more work on the solo rules.  I have an online game using Vassal next week and am going to use that for ideas and trying out somethings (ie I can play out how I am going to use the DRV and then see if my solo ideas come up with the same sort of options.

For now however this is the planning map for D2.  I have placed AAA Markers on all the AAA Barrage hexes and then selected the AAA Range option.  Two additional AAA hexes are placed as a result of the 4 AAA Points I have as the DRV, one of these goes on Vu Cha (which is a valid placement using the standard solo rules) and the other to the North East to plug the hole from Phantom Ridge.  I am keeping the other two AAA Points hidden at this time (as my opponent reads my blog :)  )

Oops. Planning map had my hidden AAA showing.  New map added

I haven't chosen the MiGs from the MAP pool yet as that happens after I roll for the Raid Warning info. 

As D2 only uses the USN entry hexes I haven't bothered populating the Western portion of the map (the bottom bit) yet, but will do.

For Sale - Games Workshop Space Marine Sprues & Spares

I was going to include this in the Dark Angels army, however upon looking inside I found:

Deathwing Terminator sprue sets
At least one Space Marines vehicle which could be the whirlwind chassis
Loads of spare helmets, arms, bodies, weapons

So I am going to collect it all together and then put a couple of photos up.

For Sale - 15mm Plastic Soldier Company

I found the remnants of my Western Desert project as well.

Three PSC 15mm complete vehicles in wrapping, plus spare metal and some PP Figures.

All looking for a new home

For Sale - Games Workshop Necrons

This is the contents of my Necron force up for grabs.

Two command barges (one unopened in shrink wrap)
30+ Warriors
10 Deathmarks
Finecast figures
Old Style wraiths

1/600th Aircraft - Mig Killers by Squadron

VF-111 Sundowners

Friday, 5 September 2014

Selling off time

I have created a For Sale page to move on a number of projects which wont ever see the light of day.  That page will link to catalogue and pics of what is up for sale.  I will also update this post once in a while as I add new items.  Which will happen over the weekend as I get out the camera and a pen.  I will be accepting Paypal for this and prices indicated are a negotiation start point.  Post and Packing to be added at cost for recorded delivery.

5 September start point

  • 20mm Cold War
  • 28mm GW 40K
  • 28mm GW WHFB
  • 15mm Napoleonic
  • X-Wing
  • 15mm Colonial Collection

For Sale - Games Workshop Eldar

A small starter force

Dire Avengers
Striking Scorpions
Fire Prism
Wave Serpent
War Walker
5 Finecast Rangers (most with broken barrels - Not Shown)
What ever is in the spares box

For Sale - Games Workshop Dark Angels Army

I haven't played 40k for at least five years but kept a large collection just in case the kids etc got into it.

This is the Space Marines collection

Company Master with command squad
Interrogator-Chaplain in Terminator Armour
3 Tactical Squads
Scout Squad
Company Veterans Squad
3 Terminator Squads including Deathwing odds and sodds
2 Dreadnoughts
3 Drop Pods
Ravenwing attack squadron of 7 bikes
Assault Squad
3 Devastator Squads
Whirlwind/Rhino (I have kept the top hatch free so they were interchangeable
Part build Land Raider (not shown)
Spares box   I am NOT including the spares box with this collection

For Sale - S Models BMP-1 Kit

Bought on a whim that I thought I wanted to get into 20mm.  I have a huge 6mm collection already, why do I want to do exactly the same thing in another scale.

For Sale - X Wing

My X Wing Collection is up for grabs.

2 Starter Sets (which is 4 Tie and 2 X-Wings).
Millenium Falcon
Tie Advanced
2 Y-Wings
1 X-Wing
1 Hwk-290

1/600th Aircraft - USN MiG Killers Nearly Finished

There gets to a place in any project when suddenly you can see the finishing post.  The MiG Killer project is no different.  I have now got to the place where I am now missing the decals for one aircraft (VMFA-333) and when I say missing I mean correctly sized.  They are made up but the test model didn't come out the way I wanted it so have to reduce it slightly and then get a reprint sorted out.

A big chunk of decals were added last weekend which included the VF-114 Aardvark schemes

VF-161 decals were also worked up as black decals on white decal paper and then blended in.  Black trim still to be done by hand

The new printer produces a deep red which stands out quite well on the VJ Deck Tan for these later VF-51 aircraft.

The last 3 aircraft which needed decals.  VF-31, VMFA-333 and VF-213.  The Light reflecting doesn't help

You can just see that the VMFA-333 decal is too big

Quite happy with how the Black Lion came out.  I am beginning to like GIMP but like most things I don't set and play with it enough so there are probably a lot of short cuts or better way to do things.  That said the support network is excellent 

So with the last steps on the main decals nearly over, it then remains to go back and check each aircraft in turn and fix decals that have fallen off due to rough handling and add the warning triangles to the fronts.  A couple also need new Modex numbers as well as for some reason the ones I printed out on one of the jobs are too small.  Then it will be a varnish session to seal everything together and then matt things back down (but as these are gaming models that last step may never get done)

Monday, 1 September 2014

For Sale - GHQ Modern Blisters

Four blisters of US and Russian modern armour.
1 Pack of M2A2 ODS
2 Packs of M1A1
1 Pack of T72 

For Sale - Games Workshop Skaven

This is the Skaven army from the GW Starter with IIRC a unit of Skaven with Halberds.  Not very well painted or bare plastic.  Any more spare sprues I find will also be thrown in.