Monday, 29 September 2014

1/600th Aircraft - 3 New Projects

As I had a bit of fun, if you can call it that, making up the USN MiG killers I have been left with a wall of USN Aircraft in the old grey scheme which now look out of place.  So....what I have decided to do (current planning) is.

  • A 1972 Themed Air Wing using USS Constellation as a base which is all "big" aircraft such as the F-4J, A-7 and A-6 Attack aircraft, EKA-3B for the EW and the RA-5 as the Recon aircraft.
    • 2 F-4J CAP
    • 2 F-4J SEAD Escort
    • 2 F-4J Strike Escort
    • 2 A-7 SEAD (Option 1)
    • 4 A-7 Strike 
    • 2 A-6 SEAD (Option 2)
    • 2 A-6 Strike (Replaces 2 A-7 Strike as an option)
    • 1 EKA-3B EW
    • 1 RA-5C Recon
  • A 1967 - 68 Air Wing using USS Kitty Hawk.  As I have already done a block of the VF-114 from this carrier it means that I wont need too much time with the F-4s
    • 2 F-4B CAP
    • 2 F-4B SEAD Escort
    • 2 F-4B Strike Escort
    • 2 A-4 SEAD (Option 1)
    • 4 A-4 Strike
    • 2 A-6 SEAD (Option 2)
    • 2 A-6 Strike (Replaces 2 A-4 Strike as an option)
    • 1 EA-1F EW
    • 1 RA-5C Recon

  • A 1965 - 66 Air Wing using USS Oriskany.  Means I have a Crusader based wing which can be used for later engagements as well if needed.
    • 2 F-8 CAP
    • 2 F-8 SEAD Escort
    • 2 F-8 Strike Escort
    • 4 A-4 Strike
    • 2 A-4 SEAD
    • 1 EA-1F EW (Option 1)
    • 1 EF-10B EW (Option 2)
    • 1 RF-8 Recon
This doesn't mean new models as there are plenty of old ones that need a tidy up and the odd spare air-frame in the spares box. Just means I have a bit of direction to actually get the aircraft actually painted up (it also speeds things up a bit as I can "do" all the decals in one go as well).

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  1. Great ideas- once I've painted my USAF strike package I said It'd do a USN one. I'll keep looking back here for ideas.