Monday, 29 September 2014

1/600th Aircraft - USS Constellation Air Wing 1972 (Part 1 - F-4Js & A-7s)

The USS Constellation Air Wing in 1972 comprised:

VF-92 F-4J
VF-96 F-4J
VA-146 A-7
VA-147 A-7
VA-165 A-6
VAQ-130 (Detachment 1) EKA-3B

When I first started into this area this was the carrier that I had made up.  The aircraft now look out of place since I consolidated the F-4 schemes and changed over the base colour to Vallejo Deck Tan as USN Gull Gray for the MiG Killer project.

So I have now just updated four of the VF-96 Fighting Falcons and two pairs of A-7s from the Argonauts and Blue Diamonds in the new scheme.  

The Blue and Yellow on the Blue Diamonds comes through without the need for a white background. 

I am not completely happy with the Argonauts though.  I think I might need to go back and thicken up the lines onthe sword and also add more of a shadow on the NG tailcode.  But as I only need 2 more A-7s I might compromise and do them as VA-146.

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