Wednesday, 8 October 2014

1/600th Aircraft - USS Constellation Air Wing 1972 for Downtown

90 Per Cent complete

It comprises, with options, 19 Aircraft of which only 15 will be used in any given scenario. Only four are strike aircraft the rest are have complimentary roles needed to get those bombers onto the target and assess the results.

This is a "typical" arrangement of the strike package as a whole.

  • MiGCAP
  • Iron Hand
  • Strike Force
  • Jamming Support
  • Post Strike Recon

Which looks like this, with the possible options shown, on the table

The Iron hand section comprises F-4J and either an A-6 or an A-7. 

The Bomber effort from VA-146.  Paul at Tumbling dice sent me some TER from the A-10 kit  

With the option of having two of the A-7 replaced with upto two A-6 from VA-165.  I haven't done the warning triangles on the jet intakes yet.

RVAH-11 'Viggie' to take the post strike photos for BDA

MiGCAP provided by VF-92 

Strike element with the attendance Close Escort F-4Js

Any 'tron is a good 'tron.  Support provided by two EKA-3B

Minor cock up, in that I took the positioning of the rear detail from an early aircraft.  When they jamming pods were fitted the Stars n Bars and NAVY are the other way around with the NAVY sitting under the jamming pod.  As mine don't have the pods modeled on I will leave these as they are.  They also still need the red warning lines added to the jet intake and the tail markings applied (hence 90%)

In all its glory