Thursday, 29 January 2015

WOTR - A Crown of Paper Nobles

No wonder the WOTR could be confusing.  I was looking at how to represent the nobles needed.  In 15mm it wouldn't break the bank to paint all of them (unless of course you are on about individual coat of arms). But they also come with their personal retinue and I was looking for some economy of force.  So......
meandering through the web leads me to this pictorial representation.

Not brilliant, but does give you an idea.  This is the breakdown, as of today of all the nobles in the ACOP scenarios that I am looking at using.  It isn't complete by any means but what it does mean is that I can block up several large numbers of Retinue Archers in just a couple of schemes and use them for a variety of nobles.

The other piece I have noticed with ACOP is that there aren't any pure MAA stands in the Riding Retinues (RR).  The RR MAA are all Red which indicates a minor captain.  What that means is that they can be represented by my normal command stands plus the dedicated ones I have made up adding more colour to the companies and battles.  It does mean that the only figures that I really need to start with in livery are the Retinue Archers until the Well Wishers (WW) get recruited. Again they will wear the livery of their magnate which again keeps the actual numbers of colour variations down.

This is my starting theory as I look at getting some forces down on the table.

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