Friday, 27 February 2015

Nightfighter - Aircraft by Scenario

Scenario 3 and Variants.
Wellingtons or Stirlings up against a Ju88C-2.

The Stirlings are used in a low level dash through the Searchlight belt.  Fun can be had with the umpire not declaring the altitude advantage until the first fix or tally attempt.

The Wellington is loosely based on No.301 (Pomeranian) Squadron RAF.  I couldn't fit the MG code letters on the fuselage.

The Ju88C-2 is from I/NJG 2.  This would have been an all black scheme with R4+ codes.  National Insignia would have appeared as white only which fits the range of decals I have.  Minor green stuff added to the nose to bulk it up to turn it into the solid nose on the C-2

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