Wednesday, 11 February 2015

WOTR - ACOS Riding Retinues

This is the current state of my WOTR collection in terms of just the Riding Retinues.  The RR are the troops each noble starts the campaign with and normally form his most trusted and loyal companions. I have concentrated on the nobles who appear most frequently in the campaigns and hope to use non liveried models for those appearing less frequent.

There is by no means enough for what I want to do with it using A Coat of Steel. So far we have just started the 1459 campaign so I am in the process of adding those nobles these existing forces.  I still need to add:

  • John Beaumont - Viscount Beaumont
  • James Touchet - Baron Audley
  • Henry Percy - Baron Egremont*
  • Henry Percy - Earl of Northumberland*
  • Ralph Neville - Earl of Westmoreland*
  • William Fitzalan - Earl of Arundel*

  • Walter Devereux - Baron Ferrers
  • John Neville - Baron Montague
  • William Herbert - Baron Herbert*
  • Richard Grey of Powis*
  • Andrew Trollope
  • Thomas Stanley**

* - Inactive at game start so may not appear
** - Traitorous and may be recruited by either side

However, the pictures do show my entire collection of retinue archers. Since the 1455 game I have added another 96 archers (32 bases) taking me upto 300.  And still not enough.

The figures for Richard, Duke of York and Jasper Tudor need to be finished next.

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