Saturday, 7 February 2015

WOTR - Battle of Northampton 1455

Is a fictional battle generated using the ACOP campaign system. The 1455 campaign sees King Henry VI heading towards Leicester to call a Royal Council, while Richard Duke of York, pledging his loyalty, gathers his forces to deal with his corrupt advisors.

This should have resulted in 1st Albans, however here the engagement occurs at Northampton. Salisbury and Warwick had both managed to recruit sizeable contingents on the way south.  The Lancastrians generated smaller forces than expected. So a mismatch was on the cards. The beauty of ACOP is that it generates something akin to reality and not match equal forces. You have to work for you win.

The Lancastrian forces

The Yorkist host

The commanders. Cobham

Northumberland and Somerset

Wiltshire and Shrewsbury

Stafford, Clifford (being represented by Oxford) and Jasper Tudor with Courtenay on the far right.


Salisbury had recruited the largest force, but their commitment wasn't on par with the rest of the Yorkist army

The Lancastrian left

The Yorkist army attacks with Salisbury trying to turn the flank. The Lancastrian left has to react creating a dangerous dogleg

The noose begins to close

With the Lancastrian left pinned in place, the Yorkist Rearward goes for the kill

Combat is joined

The Yorkist Mainward exploits the dogleg. It looks ominous for the Lancastrians.

All over for Lancaster, as Nobles are struck down and the line disintergrates 

Cracking game, we did lots of things wrong but have learnt from this. Need more troops as usual so another 100 archers are now on their way. Then I will need to work on the levy spears

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