Wednesday, 11 February 2015

WOTR - Leicester 1459

Just messing around my youngest and I played 1459 from A Crown of Paper.
After playing round with it last week I though, as I was Lancastrian, to try something a little different.
Somerset and Courtenay did a recruiting drive into Dorsert, Devon and Cornwall picking up a sizeable force before moving to Wells.
Duke of York however had other ideas and after recruiting in the Welsh Marches headed straight for Margaret and Edward at Coventry. Outnumbered by over 4:1 I managed to avoid the battle but lost 1 point of campaign morale. Not realising how pugnacious York would be I sent the Lancastrians to Tamworth. Only to find York hadn't finished and was heading to Coventry and the King. With no time to recruit it looked like a repeat of St Albans but on a much smaller scale.

Duke of York - Himself, 2 MAA with captains, Gonne, 13 Retinue Archers
Earl of March - Himself, 1 MAA with captain, 3 MAA, Gonne, 8 Retinue Archers
Devereux - Himself, 5 Retinue Archers

Buckingham - Himself, 1 MAA with captain, 4 Retinue Archers
Shrewsbury - Himself, 2 Retinue Archers
Wiltshire - Himself, 1 MAA with captain, 6 Retinue Archers
Beaumont - Himself, 3 Retinue Archers

Even this small battle equates to somewhere between 2100 - 3500 Yorkists v 1200 - 2100 Lancastrians. It will see two companies (or three small ones) face off against three of York (or possibly two large ones) in single battles.

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