Saturday, 4 April 2015

1/600th Aircraft - New Downtown Boards progress

Not a lot to say on these, about half way through. Ran out of sand so need a visit to the DIY shop on Monday.  Base colours have gone on reasonably well. Used Indian Ivy as the main terrain colour and Forest Fern for the rough ground. Home base had a half price offer on large match pots so picked up one of each.

The plan is that I will only paint and model in the AAA concentrations which coincides with the major targets and the airfields. Everything else will get painted on rather than having relief modelled. Roads and rail network will be drawn on using a felt pen. The rivers I am not too sure yet. My idea is probably to mix in gloss varnish with the paint rather than have to do two jobs. But let's see how that goes.

So Hanoi is starting to firm up on one board which is good and came about by accident as I had set the board two hexes too far to the left.  The Northern section is the most complex to paint and that might take just a bit longer to complete

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