Thursday, 16 April 2015

Downtown - Board Progress

Not a lot of progress I am afraid.  20 minute gaming challenge is still in force but I am just about getting 20 minutes a day in.

Starting to work on the rivers.  The idea is to use a green as the base colour and then go back over it with a brown and then gloss.  Slightly longer than it needs to be probably but means that I can keep a level of consistency.  I am also going to add the same brown along the shore line before graduating the blue of the Gulf of Tonkin.

Managed to get the row 3 boards done for 05 and 03.  This means the built up areas around Nam Dinh and Thai Binh have been done and a slack handful of bridges added

Hai Doung and Me Xa bridges added

Nam Dinh and Me Xa

Not a lot else really.  I might however get a game in tonight using the boards as they are using the D2 "Beginnings" scenario

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