Sunday, 12 April 2015

Downtown - D1 - AAR

So...I managed to get some game time in this weekend to play out the D1 mission which I had posted previously

The mission used boards A - E 1 through 3.  In retrospect I could have just used A - E 1 and 2 as I didn't need to use KEP Airfield as the mission was in the bottom half of the table and the Solo rules only generate a MiG take off from the closest airfield with was Phuc Yen (Noi Bai)

I digress...Possible SAM locations are in yellow and you can make out the raid way points in green.  The idea was to head towards Hanoi and then dogleg over to the SAM 1537 target.

I used the DT rules with the solo option. I didn't make up any cards as this was straight forward me versus me.

Turn 1 MiGCAP enters to screen Phuc Yen.

Turn 2 SEAD enters.  These are early flak suppressors. No shrike or standoff weaponry.  Full on CBU and Napalm onto the enemy AD

Turn 3 the strikers enter

Overview at the end of Turn 4.  Strike package is shaking out and the DRV MiGs have started to come up to play

Waypoint reached and the mission begins to turn

Second way point reached the Strike force can begin its run in just after the SEAD have suppressed the SAM Site (which is the target in D1).  One of the SAM Sites has gone RADAR ON with an acquistion on the MiGCAP.

Things go horribly wrong for the MiGCAP.  Without any RWR the flight have minimal warning and the Oyster 4  goes down.  Two good chutes are seen but as this is July 65 there is no chance of CSAR getting in to pick them up.

Strike nearly over.  The SEAD aircraft have managed to damage the two SAM Sites which could have caused problems.  The site which caused the shoot down is out of ammo.  The MiGs are close but aren't going to be able to get to the Thuds which will be at afterburner as soon as they drop their ordnance.

The mission is a success for the US as they destroyed the SAM Site but tainted with the loss of Oyster 4.  In reality the 27 July 65 strike was a costly mission for the US with multiple shoot downs and a tragic air to air collision..

I need to make up some new game markers for the smaller hex size which also need to include a double canopy parachute marker.  My original hex mat was 50mm across so my single bases fit. Now I am using 38mm across things are a bit more crowded.

Some of the earlier USAF airframes


  1. Your set up looks fantastic. I especially like the built up areas (towns/villages).

    I imagine it's much more fun to play out a solo game on this mat rather than the game mat with punch out tokens.

  2. Fantastic looking game- I'm going to get myself a copy. Looking at the stuff you have posted it is definately for me.



  3. Looks excellent, thanks for sharing.