Friday, 17 April 2015

Downtown - D3 - Planning

We move ahead to July 1966

For the US Navy we add in the Shrike missile has been available since April.  RWR and defensive jamming is just being fitted but isn't available for this scenario.
For the USAF, the RF-4C has arrived for BDA tasks, the RF-101C has had defensive jamming since July 1965, and the F-105F can carry the shrike as well.
Both the USAF and USN can use CBU on SEAD flights

I am going to split D3 into two games only to give me some longevity and also try out different force compositions.  (A) will be the USN themed game and (B) a USAF game. I only chose A for the USN because my table is currently set up for USN entry points.  I might make this three games but only because the USN get the option of flying off Oriskany and Ranger so the larger jets only appear if I go for the USS Ranger.....

There are 8 potential targets which are split as USAF only, USN only or an option to choose either USAF or USN.  This helps me split them into the two game options.  As luck would have it there are 6 possible options for each force....:)

The USAF force is a standard mission but with the insufficient weasels.  The F-105D and F bomb strength goes up to 3 as the defensive jamming pods aren't yet available.

The USN force can come from a choice of two carriers.  No USMC jamming support is available.

So I will produce a separate planning post for the USAF and USN.  The rest of this post will concentrate on the DRV defensive set up which to be honest isn't going to be a great deal.

Only downside is that the DRV gain double VPs for all US aircraft and crews shot down by MiGs

The DRV can operate from Phuc Yen, Kien An and Gia Lam with the MiG-17F and Phuc Yen, Kep and Gia Lam with the MiG-21F-13.

There are 18 possible SAMs in the game, 5 of which set up located at the game start
There are 9 AAA, and 8 FIRECAN points which will appear in the game.  Rolling for the AAA points I get a 2 which is 1 Heavy, 2 Medium, 1 Light.  2 of these concentrations need to set up on the table at the start.

0628 - Medium
0918 - Empty
1337 - Light
1421 - Light
2013 - Empty
1529 - Medium
2411 - Heavy
2927 - Light

Which is pretty easy then, one concentration in 0918 and one in 2013.  Roll on the day 1 - 5 medium, 6 - 7 Heavy, 8 - 0 Light

SAM placement.  Five are on table located.  I can either use the solo tables or come up with my own layout.

Within 1 hex of
1139, 1221, 1228, 1625, 1832, 2022, 2110, 2314, 2320, 0427, 1729, 2309, 2428, 2727, 2732, 2811, 3119, 3325, 3519, 3623.  I need to place a SAM within 6 hexes of target starting with the ones closest to Hanoi and Haiphong first and then working out.  If all targets are defended then start back adding a second SAM.  Sounds simple.....
So first step is the SAM planning map

Overlay it with the Targets and "defended" radius

Means I can defend all 8 targets with 5 SAMs and leave the remaining units all to be activated in play. So I picked the, DELTA, TANGO, PAPA, OSCAR, KILO.  I will keep the actual hex allocation to a random roll between the possible hexes when I actually start the US planning (which lets me make minor adjustments to each of the options.

So onto the US planning

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