Sunday, 19 April 2015

Downtown - D3(A) - USN Planning Oriskany

Oriskany is first up in this scenario.

The USN have the following possible targets

1 = Vu Cha Railroad bridge
2 = Bac Giang POL storage
3 = Doung Nham POL storage
4,5 = Haiphong POL storage
6 = Co Trai Railroad bridge

The target roll was a 1, so the target is the Vu Cha railroad bridge..

I had previously decided which complexes the located SAMs would be in and I rolled for the actual placement hex which gives the following:


Onto the raid planning itself.  The Oriskany Air Wing for the mission comprises the following

Pre-Raid Jamming
2 x {1} EA-1F, Jamming

Iron Hand
2 x {2} , A-4E, SEAD
2 x {2} , F-8E, Armed Escort

2 x {2} F-8E, CAP

Strike Mission
4 x {4} A-4E, Bombing
2 x {2} , F-8E, CAP

Post Raid Recon
1 x {2} RF-8G

I also chose to site the USN Rescue Helo

13 Aircraft.  The EA-1F will be kept over the Gulf of Tonkin, The RF-8G has a simple job of following up the strike so just needs to be timed remembering that I need to leave at least five turns from the last bomb to the photo bird arriving.  The CAP need to cover Phuc Yen, Kien An, Kep and Gia Lam
As there are now SAMs in the game I am going to take the strike mission to the East of Haiphong, down behind Phantom ridge and a similar route going back.  This should limit my exposure to SAMs to the target complexes CHARLIE and BRAVO.  The SEAD will need to close off DELTA on the ingress and TANGO during the run in as well as possible FIRECAN units on the target and at Kep Airfield.  I will also place a rally point near 1607.

My inital plan looks like this.

 Now need to rehearse the timings.  In terms of gaming surface I am going to need a larger board than the last game as this will need 5 x 3 tiles so will need to reconfigure the garage to get it set up.  Still need to do some more painting on the boards.

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