Friday, 24 April 2015

Downtown - D3(B) USAF Planning Pt 2

As I found when playing D1, having my table set up means that I can rehearse on table the plan before actually flying the mission.  Why I here you ask don't I just play the game.  The reason is that I am meant to be replicating a professional mission.  So those things I don't use that often just need to be teased out to make sure I know how to replicate a certain thing.  Like how to put a race track jamming circuit into place along with its attendant escort.

So I do rehearse, and I did

here we go.  These are the raid aircraft and some of the new defences I am looking at using.  By rehearsing (and re-reading the scenario special rules) I found out that for some reason I had removed the 2 {2} F-4C, CAP from the Jamming.  I think I had planned to do a standoff mission at some point.  Anyway as I am looking at bring them on table they get an escort.

The freshly painted defences will get a run out.  I haven't washed them yet or done any highlighting.

Onto the rehearsal itself.  I wasn't going to bring the bombers on, I just wanted to make sure that I had the sequencing correct.  Jammers, SEAD & MiGCAP.

This is the table we are going to be using 5 x 2 (half the panels).  I put the SAMs out just to see what they look like.  In the game they only appear if their RADAR is on and they are detected.

The Jammers operate at High Level, so they have a larger base than my other aircraft just to ward off any unfortunate topple.  I made up a jamming arc indicator as well which is useful as the EB-66B and EB-66C can change their jamming arc in the game.

The DRV raid warning will probably give at least one MiG set up near and airfield.  They can't use rally points this early.  I do need to get on and finish the painting on the target hexes.

Turn 1 and the Jamming mission enters comprising an EB-66B and an EB-66C together with their escorting CAP.  I might push the CAP out a little bit on the actual game as I don't fancy tying them to close to the EB-66s

Turn 2 and the SEAD enters. I haven't got the placement right for these as the run in will take them over the Phu Tho AAA site.  As they will come on at medium I could actually zoom them underneath the Jammers.  I think just didn't like the crowded airspace so I will look at moving them West a little bit towards Yen Bai and let them come in on a better angle.  I also need to spread them out as they don't both need to take on the first SAM.  As the bombers aren't going to overfly the AAA on the way in, apart from that which is actually in the target hex, I don't need to risk aircraft chasing things.

About Turn 4, I have tried to get a racetrack going for the jammers but its a bit clunky.  I need to check the planned speed and the turn rules to make it work as I was going too fast.  If I drop to speed 2 I can get a 90 degree free turn in, so I can get a 180 turn in.

The other thing I now realise is that I don't need to keep parallel to the target, I can racetrack towards the targets, this then lets me adjust for any new threats that appear like FIRECAN or a new SAM site.

One thing about the DT rules is that normally you don't know your attack effect until you get a BDA back.  SAMs and FIRECANs however can be destroyed in game, so I will know if the Iron Hand flight kills the target. This lets me a little bit more aggressive with the jammers than might otherwise be the case.  The Solo rules as well also mean I know where the SAMs are going to appear, (not exactly but within one hex)

The Recon effort in the game will be a RF-101C, I didn't use it but used the rehearsal to make sure I had enough bases and had the stats all recorded.

Not from the rehearsal but just some eye candy.  I really, really need to go back and refresh the paintwork on the USAF aircraft.  They are the poor cousin to the US Navy

I have left the table set up and hopefully can get this flown on Sunday


  1. They look great- where did you get the Voodoo from please?



    1. The Voodoo is a shape ways model. Wulf on the 1/600 yahoo group had a spare one. I didn't want a whole pack just for one recon aircraft and he kindly sent me one

    2. Thanks for the info- will keep an eye out for one.