Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Downtown - D3(B) - USAF Planning

USAF are up next.

The USAF have the following possible targets

1 = Thai Nguyen Truck park
2 = Vu Cha railroad bridge
3 = Viet Tri POL storage
4 =  Bac Giang POL storage
5,6 = Phuc Yen POL storage

The target roll was a 3, so the target is the Viet Tri POL storage.

The located SAMs would be in the following locations:


Onto the raid planning itself.  The standard USAF daylight mission comprises:

Pre Raid
2 x {1} EB-66, Jamming

Wild Weasel
2 x {2} F-105F, SEAD - (insufficient weasels apply - halve the number of shrike shots per flight)

MiGCAP (I rolled for the choice of F-104 or F-4C)
1 x {4} F-4C

Strike Mission
3 x {4} F-105D, Bombing - (Bomb strength 3)

Post Raid Recon (I rolled for the choice of RF-4C or RF-101C)
1 x {2} RF-101C

No where as much flexibility as the USN.  A Single MiGCAP is going to be hard pressed if its a MiG day. However, this is a very easy mission to plan, which means it will go horribly wrong :)

The Weasels will barrel straight in take out the SAM site guarding Viet Tri and then deal with the one close to Hanoi.  The MiGCAP will position itself  East of the target to deal with either Phuc Yen or Giam Lam.  The Bombers have a straightforward loop and can go to burner coming off the target.  The jamming can orbit between the ingress and egress points it has steerable jamming so I can move reasonably easily.  Jamming Turn 1, SEAD Turn 1, MiGCAP Turn 2, Bombers Turn 5, Recon turn 11.

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