Thursday, 16 April 2015

Downtown - Wargaming the planning

As I have all the terrain marked out why don't I use it to wargame my plan before actually flying the mission. In reality it means an opportunity to make sure I have all the info needed.

This is the strike package. I don't have the Coral Sea made up apart from the F-4B flights, that isn't going to matter too much.

My plan was to run the F-8 through and keep the F-4B as close escort. Actually I think I will swap this around and go with the F-4 first. This gives me an extra pair of eyes plus the radar search.

Keeping a pair of CAP with the bombers until the threat is identified is warranted. A forerunner of Armed Escort.  The bombers only move speed 3 so are going to take a while at medium altitude to reach the target. The MiGs are going to be a pain but luckily in this scenario there are no SAMs or FIRECAN units to cause problems.  So after a couple of turns this is what the action might look like. I think I will spread the CAP out a bit further. It has been a while since I flew D2 so a few lessons relearned.

Due to work, I might not get to fly this, or do any work on the boards until Sunday.

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