Saturday, 23 May 2015

Downtown - D3 - USS RANGER AAR

Despite it being mid morning the Soviet trawler shadowing TG77.7 was no where to be seen.  As a result the Alpha strike formed up to hit the Bac Giang POL site had a head start on the defenders. It wouldn't be until the air wing was insight of the coast would the defenders begin to react.  That is my reasoning for the poor DRV early warning roll of a 4 on 2d10 with a -2 modifier for it being a USN raid.

(Summary of turns until the main raid force enters)
Jamming and Iron Hand enter and move to counter the closest threats to the bombers

Jamming support from ROBBIE 705 & 708 is directed towards Haiphong. No FAN SONG or FIRE CAN emissions have been detected, but that can't last.

The Iron Hand flights (GARFISH 401 & 402 with DAKOTA 203 & 204 as one pair, with GARFISH 403 & 404 with DAKOTA 201 & 202 as the other) had just reached the coastline when AAA from Hon Gai caused the first hiccup. AAA brackets DAKOTA 201 causing minor damage. The crew elect to carry on escorting the A-4Es.

(hopefully I will remember to take photos at the correct time for the remainder of the game as the main raid forces enter)

The Skyhawks (remainder of GARFISH and BUSY BEE) enter with their attendant DAKOTA escorts.

MIGCAP provided by TAP ROOM come on station as two MiG flights are reported by RED CROWN lifting from Kien An, according to Intelligence they only type on that airfield are MiG-17Fs.

Finally, the defences come active.  FIRE CAN at Hon Gai and four FAN SONG come up around Haiphong.  The Iron Hand are inside the range of the FIRE CAN as a result of keeping out the way of the SAMs and will have to take their lumps. Jamming support will help though as it will be directed against Hon Gai before the Iron Hand have to move.

As the SAMs have illuminated it automatically means that the MiGs should disappear. I am going to keep them running otherwise the CAP doesn't have to commit itself it means that they have to behave themselves.

The with the jamming aligned GARFISH 401/402 gets away from the tracking guns. AAA continues To darken the sky over Hon Gai.  GARFISH 403/404 launches one shrike into Haiphong. Both SAMs in range continue to track for targets and luckily while the shrike comes close it doesn't do any damage.

PRF rapidly increases and a number of US aircraft are now illuminated but the value of jamming shows and only one SAM site has a full return.

GARFISH 403/404 hold their nerve as a SAM arcs towards themand puts a shrike down the throat of the launch site. RADAR emissions abruptly cease and a plume of dark smoke indicates a hit.

DAKOTA 203/204 conduct anti radar tactics diving to the deck. One SAM losses acquisition. The other launches a missile and the fuzzy image on their screen which doesn't track and goes ballistic.

ROBBIE is far enough out for the site not to waste a launch, it isn't a bomber or an iron hand flight. In which case I think the Acquisition table needs a drop and re acquire option.

DAKOTA 201/202 reach their IP and release their CBU onto the fire control radar knocking it out.

Launch plumes lead the eyes of the Iron Hand flights onto the SAM Sites

The SAM sites that the solo system generate around Haiphong are now all on the air.  Anything that gets generated from now on will be around the target area.

More launches occur but miss the US flights.  DAKOTA 203/204 come around and line up on the detected sites while GARFISH 403/404 duck under the plume and head back out over the bay and will line up next turn

The sky is pretty crowded at this point.

DAKOTA 203/204 reach their IP and dive onto the located SAM site.  DAKOTA 204 calls an emergency. Unfortunately only one 'chute is seen.  DAKOTA 203 calls that a number of secondary explosions are seen and the site is off the air.

GARFISH 401/402 expend their last shot.  One SAM site is taken down and one other shuts down its RADAR.  The main raid continue to move on.  BUSY BEE 602/602 at the rear of the strike will split off as RESCAP for the pick up.  As this is solo I can make the call whether the USN CSAR is tasked or not.  Here I think it is a valid mission and will send it in.

 Just Off Map, a ring a SAM sites close the target have just come on air.  I don't have any shrikes left (remember I only get 4 due to the missile shortage).


  1. Great report. Enjoyed reading that.



  2. Thanks Pete, this will keep having updates applied to it as the raid is being played out this morning. I have just got to the point where the main raid is past Haiphong albeit for the loss of DAKOTA 204.

  3. Nice! I have "Downtown" and the magazine that includes the conjectural "Linebacker III".

    I never thought of painting minis for it, that's a great idea!

  4. Glad you like it. The painted minis only really works with the solo system. Very few games of DT when playing F2F generate a visual ID. We like the idea of playing this as a co-op game vs a programmed defence using the solo rules

    1. I'd probably only play it solo anyway. :) Co-op sounds both workable and fun.

      I just read a novel "The Edge of Honor", by P.T. Deutermann. The male viewpoint character is an Evaluator on a ship pulling PIRAZ/ Red Crown duty in about 1970. It's an excellent story, and the details of running Red Crown are fascinating. :)