Friday, 15 May 2015

Downtown - D3 - USS RANGER

The raid planning is complete and I have now rolled up the crew quality and finalised my flight log sheet.  The F-4B crews don't seem to be overkeen to be going up north.  I have started to record the number of "real" aircraft involved in the mission.  This is to show the gradual increase in the amount of support aircraft needed to get the same amount of bombs onto a target.  Here you can see that I have 36 aircraft assigned to the raid, of which, only 16 are actual bombers, with a total bomb strength available of 40 points so an efficiency of 1.1.  The Oriskany raid had the same numbers of aircraft but could have dropped 48 points for 1.3.  Not a number crunching exercise as it only looks at bomb weight and not accuracy or effect but it is something that I want to track as the air effort changes in later years.  The USAF mission by the way of comparison had 32 aircraft assigned with 16 bombers but only a bomb strength of 32. An efficiency of 1.0

The F-4B are going with CBU units rather than pure bombs as I am still limited on the number of ARMs due to the Shrike shortage.

Format changes to the previous version are minor.  I have now added in the target profile next to the target so I don't have to write it down anywhere else.  In terms of information displayed (as mine is editable) I have put the jamming information on the front sheet.  I have left some redundant information on the log sheet from the Oriskany but shaded it out (left over Gun Info from the F-8E entries for example).

The Shrike information is displayed as the total number of shots available to the flight and not per aircraft.  DT has a different mechanism than that used for bombs for Ordnance such as LGB, EOGB and ARMs.

The EA-1F come from VAW-13 and weren't part of the normal establishment of the Air Wing, which is why they don't appear in the cruise books or many of the websites which deal with Carrier Air Wings.  They were based at Subic Bay and were assigned to each carrier as it arrived at Yankee Station.  Callsign were ROBBIE and the MODEX were in the 700 series.

On the back:

I have shaded out the AAA Points that get generated from rolling on the solo table so I am only left with the actual value remaining.  This means that a lot of the boxes won't ever be used.  
The MiG information is the same as for the Oriskany scenario and I have put the ADC info on for the aircraft involved.

I don't have a USS RANGER air wing so I have had to proxy in some other aircraft.

SAM layout around Haiphong which for this game I am hopefully going to be able to avoid

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