Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Downtown - D4 - "wheel of hurt" USAF Planning Pt 1

With a target map generated already, the USAF have 5 possible targets, however that equates to only 3 unique locations, with Phuc Yen POL storage very popular:

1-2 =   Ha Gia POL storage 1227
3-6 =   Phuc Yen POL Storage 1529
7-8 =   Phuc Yen POL Storage & Phuc Yen rail yard 1529
9-10 = Yen Vien rail yard 1826

The Target roll was a 10, so Yen Vien rail yard it is which makes this a USAF Major Raid

22 Possible SAM sites with 6 located.  This time I spent a little bit of time deciding on the SAM locations and came up with a scheme which placed a located battery in the following concentrations.

Airfields are plotted and probably means that Kep wont get used.  However the remainder can all generate some challenging defensive forces.
Phuc Yen, 1529 (MiG-17, MiG-21)
Kep, 1120 (MiG-21)
Gia Lam, 2027 (MiG-17, MiG-21)
Hoa Lac, 2035 (MiG-17, MiG-21)

Onto the USAF.  The raid forces available are as follows:

Jamming Mission
1x {1} EB-66C, Jamming
1x {1} EB-66B, Jamming
2x {2} F-4C, CAP

Iron Hand Mission
2x {2} F-105F WW, SEAD (Insufficient Weasels SSR)

MiGCAP Mission
1x {4} F-4C, CAP

Strike Mission
3x {4} F-105D, Bombing
1x {4} F-105D, Strike/CAP
(as this is prior to 1967 you delete one flight, but then add one back as this is a major raid taking it back to 3 bombing flights. In addition the SSR change one flight to Strike/CAP)

Recon Mission
1x {2} RF-4C, Recon

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