Friday, 19 June 2015

Downtown - USAF Rolling Thunder options

This is a shot of the USAF forces needed for most of the Rolling Thunder missions by the time camouflage becomes standard.

Lots of jammer support with their escorts, EB-66s and either F-4 or F-104
Upto 4 flights of Weasels
2 flights of MiGCAP either F-4 or F-104
Upto 5 flights of strike aircraft
Upto 2 flights of Strike Ecort F-4
Recon either RF-101C or RF-4C

So with the options as well

Need another pack of starfighters as I am missing one for the MIGCAP option.

A lot of these need a refresh and I need to decide on tail codes as well. Some of these current ones aren't correct.  This is the standard I am aiming for to bring them upto the USN models

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