Thursday, 2 July 2015

WOTR - More Nobles

Not a great deal to show for my WOTR efforts recently.  Adding nobles which may or may not appear on a battlefield and then might die in that year isn't overly productive.  It is fun though :)

Next couple of bases have been prepared and will have the detail added over the weekend. This will add
  • Scrope
  • Ruthvyn
  • Hungerford
  • Fitzalan 
Which are reasonably simple schemes if I use the base information I orginally posted up here
  • Scrope's contingent would have white livery.  The base I have made has three figures all in plate armour so it will be a case of just using the flags to denote him.
  • Ruthvyn's contingent would be in red.  This means that I have a solid block of figures in red for Warwick, Ruthvyn, Butler and Courtenay.  One standard bearer has a livery coat, the other in plate as is Ruthvyn himself.
  • Hungerford's contingent would in red and green along with John Clifford and Henry Grey.  Same as for Ruthvyn, one standard bearer has a livery coat, the other in plate.
  • Finally, Fitzalan.  His contingent would be in red and white which is a striking combination. Again a now common set up with the Lord and one standard bearer in plate the other with a livery coat.
The Perfect Captain have recently added 40 or so nobles to the later years to finish off the period.....120 or so figures potentially, I am not sure how much further I can go adding nobles.  Hopefully I will be able to match the liverys to that of nobles who died earlier in the period to allow me some reuse.  I am already thinking of adding a note on the bottom of the base to indicate who else the stand "could" be used for.  Alternatively it means I can just leave the major commanders who are nearly all done and then proxy in the lesser nobles.  Both ways work for both TPC rule sets as well as Bloody Barons.

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