Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Modern - QRF ACRV Series Part 2

I have cleaned up the kit as far as my modelling skills, and time, allow.

I have replaced the running gear with that from the Zvezda kit.  I ended up using green stuff to attach it to the hull to allow me to position and keep the tracks reasonably vertically.

I haven't made a new stowage box to replace the one chopped off.  Too much hassle and I was impatient to get these to the painting table

I have trimmed down the swim vanes at the rear and while they fit on the LHS reasonably ok, the ones on the RHS stick out.  This is because of the positioning of the container on the rear hull.  I am not removing it and replacing it with a piece of styrene but if you wanted to that would be an option

I drilled out the antenna housings at the front and rear and put a 10mm long piece of piano wire in as antenna.  I have left the NSV MG in place as I couldn't source one

I migh get chance on friday to get this under the airbrush

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