Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Lebanon - Clash of the Giants Part 1

With all the talk of cold war games going around, I ended up digging out my box of half painted metal. Well when I say my box, I mean one of my boxes.  This one has some 6mm micro armour in it and hasn't been touched for a very long time.  Idly picking through it I found the remnants of an Israeli - Syrian game that I was going to run using the "The Clash of the Giants" scenario from "Battlezones" which was published by TTG and Bruce Rea-Taylor back in 1984.  It cost me £1.95 from the local model shop.

These days you are spoilt with choice for wargames rules and game systems.  I thought I would try these out using the "Sabre Squadron" rules which are designed for company actions

With this in mind I thought about using the on table forces for both sides which is essentially Infantry support by armour rather than a massed armoured engagement to start with.

So the force involved:

The Israeli forces are drawn from 7th Armoured Brigade and comprise:
  • A company of Infantry in M113 APCs
  • Two Recce Platoons of infantry, again in M113s
  • Two Platoons of M60 Magach-6 tanks
  • Supported by 2 Batteries of 155mm guns
The Syrians, from 3rd Armoured Division, comprise:
  • A company of Infantry in BTR-60PB APCs
  • A Battery of 3 BRDM-2S ATGW
  • They are supported by two batteries of 122mm guns
Possibly a bit large to start with so what I am going to do is use the two Recon Platoons and the tanks platoons up against a Syrian Combat Security Outpost (CSOP).

The models in the spares box only need a quick refresh with some VJ Green Grey paint and they will be ready.  What I can't find are the Infantry so I have popped a quick order in to Heroics and Ros.
The Syrians will use my Soviet infantry and my Soviet MRB forces.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Lebanon 1982 - Vehicle Progress

Been a while.....
As part of my painting week I dug out some bare metal from the unpainted pile and cracked on.
BF M48 with scratch built Blazer panels and green stuff stowage and air marker panels.

.30 cals on order from Peter Pig and Shaun at S&S models has said he might be ready of start casting up the Urdan cupolas that Neil Burt sculpted to go in.  I have kept the orange colour on the air panels that I had used on the earlier Zeldas

Elsewhere the QC Merkavas have been cleaned up and the .50 cals replaced with the Peter Pig version. 

Still need to to add the detail, and get the shading and highlighted done