Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Lebanon - Clash of the Giants Part 1

With all the talk of cold war games going around, I ended up digging out my box of half painted metal. Well when I say my box, I mean one of my boxes.  This one has some 6mm micro armour in it and hasn't been touched for a very long time.  Idly picking through it I found the remnants of an Israeli - Syrian game that I was going to run using the "The Clash of the Giants" scenario from "Battlezones" which was published by TTG and Bruce Rea-Taylor back in 1984.  It cost me £1.95 from the local model shop.

These days you are spoilt with choice for wargames rules and game systems.  I thought I would try these out using the "Sabre Squadron" rules which are designed for company actions

With this in mind I thought about using the on table forces for both sides which is essentially Infantry support by armour rather than a massed armoured engagement to start with.

So the force involved:

The Israeli forces are drawn from 7th Armoured Brigade and comprise:
  • A company of Infantry in M113 APCs
  • Two Recce Platoons of infantry, again in M113s
  • Two Platoons of M60 Magach-6 tanks
  • Supported by 2 Batteries of 155mm guns
The Syrians, from 3rd Armoured Division, comprise:
  • A company of Infantry in BTR-60PB APCs
  • A Battery of 3 BRDM-2S ATGW
  • They are supported by two batteries of 122mm guns
Possibly a bit large to start with so what I am going to do is use the two Recon Platoons and the tanks platoons up against a Syrian Combat Security Outpost (CSOP).

The models in the spares box only need a quick refresh with some VJ Green Grey paint and they will be ready.  What I can't find are the Infantry so I have popped a quick order in to Heroics and Ros.
The Syrians will use my Soviet infantry and my Soviet MRB forces.

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