Monday, 30 May 2016

WW2 - Amphibious Assault

I have always found Tarawa interesting so when the nice people over at Grenzer games were talking about their new rule set "Muzzle Flash", I was intrigued to how it would handle a specialist engagement.

 So I invited them over and threw a challenge down.  Beach Assault.  Played on a 5' x 4' table with the USMC attacking from the long table edge.  The rules are played at 1:1 which was interesting as I am in the process of rebasing all my infantry as single figures and hadn't made any progress with the USMC or Japanese so we played this using my old 3 figure and 2 figure bases with me snipping figures and sticking them onto new 20mm MDF bases as the game went.

A view of the Defenders which comprised five figure sections each with a LMG. Four 14mm HMG bunkers and two 40mm Anti-Boat guns.

The USMC would be straight infantry organised as an E Series comapny.  NCO, 9 Riflemen, 2 BAR Gunners.  In hindsight I would have been better off actually thinking about what the game system needs so I was missing Corpsmen and aid station the 60mm Sections and the 1919 LMGs which would have been expected at the early stages of establishing the USMC amphibious warfare doctrine and also hadn't included the company commander.  We also threw all the LVT1 & 2's onto the table as the first wave rather than the 3 sequential waves that were used at Tarawa.

The USMC laid out in their entry positions, they are actually off table at this point.  The rules cater for friction in terms of arrival which related well to the actual events on Betion in that some of the Amtracs never arrived and the Infantry had to entry wading and had already suffered some casualties and other Amtracs arriving on later game turns at random.

This section is wading to the beach from their destroyed AMTRAC and have already lost 2 men including a BAR.

One gap in the sea wall in covered by a 14mm HMG

There are two Japanese sections dug into the sea wall in prepared positions

These two AMTRACS will be delayed and wont enter until I roll the required number indicated on the dice.  One more AMTRAC to the left is also delayed so I was already down to just two assualting platoons.

First turn.  This isnt IGOUGO, each figure can reserve dice to use in the opponents turn so as I entered in the 14mm and Anti-Boat guns opened up. I had to start disembarking the marines short of the obstacle.  Elements of one section have reached the wall and I have reserved some actions for use in the enemy turn.  The AMTRAC at the bottom has been hit but is still mobile, 2 rifle disembarked.

 Wading under fire is as deadly in the game as in reality. I have dead and wounded in the surf just above the jetty but I have managed to pin the Japanese section directly opposing the section.

The AMTRAC to the right has been riddled with 14mm fire I have one killed as he leapt over the side and the rest of squad are pinned in the vehicle.  If they don't collect their wits they are in trouble.

 In turn two the Japanese defenders are forced to retire but the AMTRAC is now hit with 40mm fire and I have five wounded in the vehicle.

In the center I have also pushed the defenders back but I am still in the fire arc of another section on the left and the bunker on the right.

The AMTRAC is still mobile and uses the gap in the sea wall while the section near the bunker attempt to destroy it with grenades and satchel charges.  I ended up causing two killed and one injured from a mistimed grenade attack.  In the bunker itself one of the Japanese defenders sacrificed himself by smothering the posted grenade.  Two other marines worked their way to the entrance and have breached the door.  In the ensuing firefight another marine goes down and the Japanese defenders are down to one man.

On the left flank the US have made some progress have pushed an AMTRAC through a gap in the sea wall while the AMTRAC on the extreme flank has unloaded a complete combat effective squad.

General situation at the end of the US Turn 2.  The US have cleared the initial 30 metres or so of the beach.

Two marines have worked their way to the rear of the bunker and are priming grenades and satchel charges.

 Turn 3 and the US now have two sections on the left flank poised to try and take the bunker and then attempt to clear out the Japanese rifle pits, however there is still a Japanese 14mm HMG bunker which will have to be dealt with.

 As this was a play test we had stopped at this point.  Very involved and both sides are engaged throughout the turn.  You need lots of game markers for stress status and you do need to actually have the non combat units in your force as non evacuated casualties continue to affect your units performance.

Friday, 27 May 2016

WW2 - Zvezda Sprues

The newer releases are a lot easier than the earlier Art of Tactic kits.  These are the sprues for the T-34/76 1943, Ferdinand and ISU-152

WW2 - Zvezda releases

Impulse buy for BG Kursk.  While out shopping today I popped into Antics Model Shop and found a restock of the Zvezda kits.  These are in a most substantial plastic than the earlier Art of Tactics kits and at £2.99 a model I couldn't pass them up.  So NINE kits later (2 each of the Ferdinand, SU-152, T34/76 1943, and a T60, M3 Lee and M3 Stuart) it was off to the physio

WW2 - BG Kursk Germans - First Platoon completed

well to a 90% point anyway.

Sections of Grenadiers

Platoon HQ

3 Possible attachments, Pak40, MG42 on tripod and Medic.  3 man loader team for the Pak40 is waiting for some ammunition boxes which are on order.

Rear view of the medic

 and loaders

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

WW2 - BG Kursk Germans - Progress

I have had an evening or two to add milliput to a couple more figures and sort out a basing mix that I like.

PP Pak40 with modified crew figure sitting astride the LH trail.

A selection of Infantry with the basing mix applied
1 Part Burnt Grass Coarse turf
1 Part Green grass fine turf
2 Parts Burnt Grass Static grass

See if I can get a better couple of shots in the morning when the light is better.  The "Plane Tree" is just about visibile in these shots.

Ummm.... Sit on the other side of the table and see if it makes any difference

Not really.  Washout out.  Will try again in the morning

Here you go...