Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Ambush in the Bekaa Valley - Arab Israeli 1982 - Vehicles Part 2

The Shot has had some love given to it.

This is the Peter Pig version which has a satisfying hefty feel about it.  Undercoated with Vallejo Black surface primer applied with an airbrush and then given a coat of Vallejo Green Grey which I thinned down 3:1 Thinner to Paint.

Tracks were painted with Vallejo Black Grey as were the rubber sections on the road wheels and rollers.  The recesses on the tracks were then painted with Vallejo Dark Rust before the whole lower was given a dry brush of Vallejo Iraqi Sand.

I used .30 cals rather than the FN MAG just to be a bit different.  I have started to put decals on it from the BF Fate of a Nation set but haven't looked at adding the radio antennas just yet.

Pin wash using Army Painter Dark Tone using a tutorial I found on YouTube.

The model is now based, which is what I have begun to do for all my 15mm armour as I find it odd that accompanying infantry are on bases which makes them out of scale height when viewed next to an unbased vehicle.

The base size for my modern vehicles uses a standard 40mm wide base with a varying depth depending on the model, 60mm for APCs and 80mm for tanks.

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