Monday, 16 May 2016

WW2 - BG Kursk Germans

After the results with the test figures I have ordered more German figures to be used on my BG Kursk games.  I went through my spares box and found some DAK figures which will be used at the same time.

German Flamethrowers - likely to get five useful poses out this pack as the eintoss 46 doesn't come into service until 1944.
DAK SMG - as my units are leading the assault I wanted to increase the numbers of SMG figures available. 8 spread across a full company isn't going to break the bank and let's me customise each section a little more.
DAK Mortars & LW Mortars - I can field one weapon on table per platoon so these two packs will give me a couple of options plus Inam looking at reusing some of the equipment from the BF Pack. The kneeling figures will be used to make up other gun crews and loader teams.
LW Gun crews - Enough for two guns and hopefully a couple of figures to be mixed in with the ammo teams.
LW Mineteam - I will use all of these 8 figures rounding out my pioneer sections.
LW Ammo carriers - I love this set of figures and with a head swap they will be mixed in to sections and my loader teams.
LW Riflemen - one pack of each gives me another 16 infantry men or enough for 4 sections before I swap in extra ammo and SMG figures. Again head swap potential will give me something different.
LW Nebelwerfer crew - BG Kursk doesn't have the wheeled mount on table but that will have to change as I don't have any Stuka zu fuss but I do have the PP wheeled launcher.  If the Soviets can have a Katyusha on table......
Last up is a pair of Sdkfz 251/9 C variants.  While I bodged a D model superstructure onto a C before the purist in me says that time is right to get a proper one and I don't have any of PP's halts tracks in my force but they do look nice. 

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