Friday, 13 May 2016

WW2 - Painting a new army undercoat just doesn't work anymore with my poor eyesight so I have had to go back and repaint the test figures.  Not clever but a necessity.  Rather than make things up as I go, which is how I normally paint things, I thought that this time I would actually record how I have painted things.  If nothing more it means I have a record I can at least adjust at some point in the future.

  • Thinned VJ Pale Camo brown washed over the everwhere except the trousers.
  • Color Party Field Grey on the trousers (and anklets and boots at this stage as I wasn't being careful)
  • VJ Sunny Flesh Tone on the face and hands.
  • VJ German Camo Dark Green on the Ammo boxes, Gas Mask cannisters and Tellermines.
  • VJ Black Grey Boots, webbing straps, metal parts on weapons
  • VJ Beige Brown, Wooden parts on weapons, Wood
  • VJ German Camo Beige, Bread bag, weapons slings
  • VJ Field Drab, Canteen
  • VJ Khaki, Leggings
  • VJ Russian Uniform, MP40 Magazine Pouches
  • VJ Green Grey, Poncho Roll
  • GW Bolt Gun metal, Canteen set

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