Monday, 31 October 2016

Cold War - Soviet 15mm

Team Yankee - Soviets
I jumped on the TY bandwagon when it was first announced. As usual, with not having a regular opponent, I thought about collecting both sides, however the idea of taking up TY was that I could hope to find regular opponents so I have stayed with Soviets and now looking forward to the 2017 release schedule to see what is going to be added.

As I prefer "historical" organisations I was hoping that TY would let me field a more intelligent Soviet force than the book with the ability to field an task organised Forward Detachment or an Advance Guard. TY has very basic soviet forces with some areas that hopefully will be addressed in the future warsaw pact supplement.  But for now I have a Motor Rifle company of BMP-1/2 and a Tank Comany equipped with T-72 backed up with a ZSU-23-4 pair and a 2-S-1 Battery.

Infantry are Eureka which due to the change in exchange rate are now unaffordable...grrrr

Core MR Company

Tank Company (10 MBT Variant and not the 13 expected to support a MRB)

BMP-2 Recon Platoon, ZSU-23-4s (from Zvezda)

Battery Combat Observation Outpost and Battery FDC from QRF with Zvezda tracks replacing the metal ones from the kit.

2-S-1 Battery again from Zvezda

Zvezda ZSU-23-4


  1. Nicely done. I got an German and Soviet army started. Also Polish Warsaw pack. Thinking about making some East Germans also. But the time period I'm trying to plan is late 50's to mid or late 70's. Keeping going on your blog I enjoy reading. Specially the downtown series.

    1. I am using the Polish Infantry for the Weapons groups such as MANPADS, PKMS and also getting ready for the BTR-60s next year so Sagger teams. Found plenty of youtube videos showing things like soviet infantry with helmet scrim nets to let me mix and match