Friday, 28 April 2017

BG Kursk - Sdkfz 251/3 Ausf C update

A little bit of progress.

2.0m and 1.4m rod antennas added and preshading for the base coat added for the hull.  Need to do the road wheels and then get on with this once the Sternantenna parts arrive

Monday, 17 April 2017

BG Kursk - Sdkfz 251/3C

I wanted a Sdkfz 251/3C variant for BG Kursk but without the frame antenna.  I looked across a number of sprues for ideas and components.

The Sdkfz 250 Alte kit didn't throw anything up but did have the smaller seat set for the crew compartment.

The PSC 251 would be the base model but would need a bit of work.

The Sdkfz 251/D Model conversion sprue threw up small seats and a radio set.

Which I trimmed down from the surrounding plastic

 The 251 had the right hand side locating lugs removed and I shaved down the locator pin from the rear hull floor.

Seat locators were cut off

 Tried a a couple of ideas out using Bluetac to hold things in place

Made up storage boxes using strip styrene

 Added in the seat from the 251/9D and cut a box down to size. Trimmed off the rear mg bracket

steel wire frame shaped with pliers

Check for fit

 Filled in the rear bracket hole and ready for the undercoat.  I haven't done the external antennas yet and any crew will obscure the lower part of the radio mount

Sunday, 16 April 2017

BG Kursk - Glue !

Bought two bottles of micro weld from Antics yesterday so have been able to crack on this morning with a couple of sprues

Add the other two Sdkfz 233 needed for the Kursk campaign.
Added two Sdkfz 231 for the same campaign (the books says 232 but I have one of those done already and the Heavy Armoured car sections operated in pairs so thought that more 231 would be more realistic.
Added a Sdkfz 263. It isn't used in the campaign game but I needed one for my BG Kursk forces. I couldn't see how the frame went and now I have looked at some photos I am none the wiser really.  Photos of real vehicles have the support legs at more of an angle but the PSC model has them vertical.  Luckily I have lots of spare sprues for these so I am looking at how to make a swappable top hull from the remaining ones I have so might try something different.

Added a couple of pieces from the stowage set to break them up a bit.  If I am very lucky I might get these under the airbrush tomorrow.  (along with anything else I manage to stick together this afternoon)

For the existing 251/1 that I did on friday I just added a MG42 as the PSC 251/1C kit only has a MG34 variant.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

BG Kursk - Sdkfz 251/1B

My old 251/10 was based on a B model. With the new 251/10s being made up from proper C models, I stripped the old model down and turned it back into a 251/1.  The forward MG Mount was then blended in using thin washes of VJ Middelstone over Black Primer.

BG Kursk - Support Weapons

The Soviet and German support weapons have now all be based to the new standard. A couple of figures needed for loader teams for both sides, but I have all of the infantry options now completed.

Friday, 14 April 2017

BG Kursk - Eating into the Plastic

I had a cunning plan today to try and get through a couple of boxes and reduce the plastic pile.  Unfortunately I ran out of liquid cement and the supposedly spare bottle on the shelf was empty....grrr

I needed to try and sort out two Armoured Platoons for the Campaign scenarios and I had a good look through my book and found some good shots including these two pictures.  Which I am going to use as a basis for the platoons.  The top one is Das Reich and I am not sure of the bottom one.  What I do know is that there is one of a Panzer IV (618) which is dragging one with same log attachments out of a ditch.

So the two models are based on the PSC Sdkfz 251/C model.  For both 37mm guns I took these from the PSC 250 Alte kit as the one on the 251/D support kit is very chunky.  The 250 Alte kit also has the smaller gun shield which had the right hand side cut down.  The logs come from the Peter Pig T-34 Stowage kit and while possible a bit chunky were in my spares box and I didn't have to go looking for something. Track links are on the normal sprue.

The other models that I managed to put together was a Marder III Sdkfz 138 Ausf H. Again in the Campaign scenario I need five of these (the books says a mix of H and M but I haven't found a M variant in plastic yet) and a straightforward Sdkfz 251/C.  Again the kursk book shows a number of different stowage options and I have chosen to use a pair of white metal rolled tarpaulins that I had picked up from somewhere (I think they are from The Scene)

The PSC Marder kit isn't my favourite one to put together as my manual dexterity isn't good and there was a bit of fiddling to get everything in place. I haven't added any stowage to this yet.

Not as much done as I would have liked. I might take a walk into town later

As I couldn't eat into the plastic to any degree I sorted out my German spares box

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

BG Kursk - German support weapons

In progress of another couple of MG42s this time from BF and a couple of PP 81mm Mortars.  Both sections were already painted so just a case of getting these rebased to the same standard


Sunday, 9 April 2017

BG Tobruk - DAK Pz III

Airbrushed in VJ Drk Yellow and then a filter of green ochre
Then VJ Dark Sand for the chipping
VJ German Cam Black Drown

Dry rush of VJ Iraqui Sand and now just waiting for the crew and detailing

BG Tobruk

I did promise not to start something new. In my defence it is only a book as the plastic pile has all the vehicles and there is plenty of unpainted metal. I will NOT be doing both forces and the DAK will be the only force I do

Thursday, 6 April 2017

BG Kursk - Pz II

Little PzII as either an OP or a command/radio vehicle

A little bit of light weathering applied last night

BG Kursk - Soviet Update

Again, the 20 minute rule applies and I have finally done the tracks and based the four T-34 that have been sat on the table for a couple of weeks as well as finding the Tank Rider markers from Peter Pig and touching them up to match the vehicle decks.  The T-34 are a mix of PSC and Zvezda