Sunday, 16 April 2017

BG Kursk - Glue !

Bought two bottles of micro weld from Antics yesterday so have been able to crack on this morning with a couple of sprues

Add the other two Sdkfz 233 needed for the Kursk campaign.
Added two Sdkfz 231 for the same campaign (the books says 232 but I have one of those done already and the Heavy Armoured car sections operated in pairs so thought that more 231 would be more realistic.
Added a Sdkfz 263. It isn't used in the campaign game but I needed one for my BG Kursk forces. I couldn't see how the frame went and now I have looked at some photos I am none the wiser really.  Photos of real vehicles have the support legs at more of an angle but the PSC model has them vertical.  Luckily I have lots of spare sprues for these so I am looking at how to make a swappable top hull from the remaining ones I have so might try something different.

Added a couple of pieces from the stowage set to break them up a bit.  If I am very lucky I might get these under the airbrush tomorrow.  (along with anything else I manage to stick together this afternoon)

For the existing 251/1 that I did on friday I just added a MG42 as the PSC 251/1C kit only has a MG34 variant.


  1. Impressive build for your upcoming campaign. Keep up the excellent posts.

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