Friday, 18 August 2017

Battlegroup Market Garden - 1st Airborne assembles

Not at the airfield just yet, but this is what I have to work with

First up is the plastic sprue forest.  12 Sprues of Infantry, 4 Sprues of Heavy Weapons and a sprue from the 6 Pdr and Lloyd carrier set as it has the 6 Pdr legs in the towed position which I am going to need for the towed conversion.

Lead Mountain grows.  Orange are the heads and stretchers.
6 Jeeps, 6 Drop Canister "things", 2 75mm Pack Howitzers the rest are infantry to add more variety to the plastic core as well as a couple of packs where I want specialist figures for things like the 75mm gun crew.  Also included are a pack of casualties to use on the Combat Medic base.

Couple of things I have picked up already. The 6 Pdr in the airborne set isn't the airborne variant. It is the some model that is in the 6 Pdr and Lloyd carrier set. It will need some conversion to turn it into the "right" model.  The picture on the box shows it modified or is from the 20mm version.

The jeep models are moulded with crew mounted (3 or four figures).  They have the option for using separate heads, which I like, but it means that my thoughs of using a mix of mounted and dismounted figures doesn't quite work.  What It means is that I will probably make up a marker for when I have dismounted, no point in giving my opponent easy chits.

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