Tuesday, 20 February 2018

20 Minute Challenge - Day 55

Day 55 (20 Feb)

The last of the Marders completed.  This now leaves a section of Gepards, a trio of Jaguars and some M113s to finish off (they are meant to be the Panzer Morser but have the West German smoke discharger set so will be used for the odd M113 variant (thinking ambulance possibly looking on the options).

Found some Bundeswehr Infantry and the Fliegerfaustgruppe in one of the boxes which will provide all of the Infantry needed for two platoons.  On looking in the Fliegerfaustgruppe blister there aren't any unique figures to bulk out the Panzer Grenadiers so a lot of wasted Redeye teams.  Might field one with the Company HQ/Forward HQ option

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