Wednesday, 21 February 2018

20 Minute Challenge - Day 56

Day 56 - 21 Feb

First failure. Nothing built today.  However did get the airbrush out to work on the West Germans. I opted for the post 1984 scheme using the NATO 3 Colour pattern.  Struggling with setting the airbrush up when using the Vallejo air paints. 

In progress tester. These were painted using the NATO Paint set which I have had for ages. Left to right: NATO Surface Primer; NATO Light 231 Highlight and finally with the  NATO Black and Brown added (haven't highlighted the black or brown yet)

I went for a production line approach to paint these and tried to follow the templates I had from Panzerbauer a couple of years ago.  He didn't have a Marder one, but did have the FlakRak Roland which I extrapolated.  As gaming models, they will do but will need to go back at some point and pin wash/highligh and finish the tracks

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