Thursday, 31 May 2018

BG Kursk - Hill 220.5

Hill 220.5

Second phase of the LSSAH attack on 5 July from Hill 228.6 across the road to Hill 220.5 and Hill 217.1

Platoon Sized game - Uses "High Ground" scenario

Forces involved:

German Attackers - LSSAH
(Forces taken from the Panzer and Panzer Grenadier lists to create the LSSAH forces involved)

3 Officers - 37 BR

Assault Pioneer Platoon (flamethrowers and sweepers)
Grenadier Platoon
StuG III Squadron
2 x Tiger I (+ Tiger Ace)
2 x Supply trucks
Arty Op on foot
Off table 105mm Battery
Off table 80mm Mortar Battery

Soviets Defenders - 52d Rifle Division

4 Officers - 29 BR
Rifle Company
4 x 45mm AT Guns
3 x ATR Hideouts
2 x Dug-In T34s
Minefields x 2
Wire x 2
AT Ditch x 2
Trench system/Foxholes for all infantry
Arty Op
Off table 80mm Mortar Battery
Off table Zis-3 Battery

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