Saturday, 9 September 2017

Battlegroup Market-Garden 1st Airborne

Bit of progress made today. Lightining isn't great so will update these tomorrow. Essentially these are the rest of the infantry and basic supports for the Infantry Platoon I started a couple of weeks ago.

A mix of Peter Pig and PSC as usual.  Hopefully I will get around to basing them all in the coming week

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Battlegroup Market Garden - Next Batch

This is the next batch to head off to be undercoated.

This will be the first aid tent.  Yes there isn't a tent.  Stretchers from the Generic range, smock figure from the gun crew set and the three other medics will have para helmet head swaps

This is what the Airborne 6 Pdr gun should look like.  Peter Pig did their research and it is a cracking model.  Behind it are the first of the figures in trenches. Waiting for the trench obviously.

Couple of other pieces
Combat Medics. One is for my LW Brits the other is for 1st Airborne. Same concept use a dead figure from the casualty set and then add the kneeling medic for the LW Brit set. 1st Airborne will have a head swap either a beret of a helmet.

Battlegroup Market Garden - 1st Airborne assembles

First test figures have been painted and are now waiting to be based.  These are two sprues worth of PSC plastic with a couple of Peter Pig thrown in for testing size.

Painting Scheme (so I can remember later)

  • White Undercoat
  • Thinned coat of VJ English Uniform
  • 50:50 Mix Green Ochre/Khaki for the Denison Smock
  • VJ Russian Uniform for webbing and gaiters
  • VJ Black Grey for boots and metal parts
  • VJ Beige Brown for wooden parts
  • VJ Reflective Green and VJ Flat Earth for the Denison Smock
  • GW Mecharite Red for the Maroon Beret (Black line painted on first for the leather band)
  • Army Painter Strong Tone for the wash