Sunday, 14 October 2018

T-64BV Off for painting

Managed to get a base coat on.  Haven't thought about washes or weathering yet. Paint has masked a couple of errors. I didn't finish the prints of properly so they do look a bit rough.  A couple of tweaks needed for any future runs of the prints. Need to look at Antennas and stowage for a cold war soviet look.

Friday, 12 October 2018

T-64BV using the BF Model and a 3D Printer

How hard could it be I said to myself

Carve off some plastic. Print some panels. Job done.

Oh I don't have any scale plans to work off. The BF T-64 engineering tolerances have to be factored in.  PLA isn't easy to glue.

Getting there. Need to work on the B model smoke dischargers and make up some new stowage boxes for the sides of the turret.

In progress, testing out fit and orientation

Very early days checking the print settings, tile thickness and general concept

"The only plan we had"

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

World at War - Playtesting

Couple of ideas tried out on the play test.  Team Yankee (9 Models plus infantry) vs Soviets.  The terrain increment needs to be at least 4".  The 3" just ends up cramming everything into a very small space and doesn't look good.  Trying to replicate the actual maps isn't a good idea either as my collection isn't that exact.  I am also not sold on the idea of NATO being that clever and getting two activation attempts a turn and the Soviets just one especially when the Soviets don't get elements such as Combat Recce Patrols or Forward Security Elements.  But as this is my interpretation of how the core rules could support a different game I can always add these concepts in.  However, the game does have a "designated formation" marker in the later supplements so I am going to add this in for the next play test and give each side the ability to activate again and see how it works.  I need a few more terrain pieces and roads.  The next set will be customised a bit to allow some greater flexibility.

M901 ITV Progress

Managed to get some work done on the M901 ITVs

New MG Rail and periscope added

Crewed and stowed

Base Field Drab



Still deciding on decals