Friday, 18 August 2017

Battlegroup Market Garden - 1st Airborne assembles

Not at the airfield just yet, but this is what I have to work with

First up is the plastic sprue forest.  12 Sprues of Infantry, 4 Sprues of Heavy Weapons and a sprue from the 6 Pdr and Lloyd carrier set as it has the 6 Pdr legs in the towed position which I am going to need for the towed conversion.

Lead Mountain grows.  Orange are the heads and stretchers.
6 Jeeps, 6 Drop Canister "things", 2 75mm Pack Howitzers the rest are infantry to add more variety to the plastic core as well as a couple of packs where I want specialist figures for things like the 75mm gun crew.  Also included are a pack of casualties to use on the Combat Medic base.

Couple of things I have picked up already. The 6 Pdr in the airborne set isn't the airborne variant. It is the some model that is in the 6 Pdr and Lloyd carrier set. It will need some conversion to turn it into the "right" model.  The picture on the box shows it modified or is from the 20mm version.

The jeep models are moulded with crew mounted (3 or four figures).  They have the option for using separate heads, which I like, but it means that my thoughs of using a mix of mounted and dismounted figures doesn't quite work.  What It means is that I will probably make up a marker for when I have dismounted, no point in giving my opponent easy chits.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Battle Group Market-Garden

something new, well mostly new. BG Market-Garden is in the pipeline and I fancied a break from the Eastern Front.  Yes, all because I watched "A Bridge Too Far" while doing my ironing the other day.

I already have late war British Infantry for the "Garden" Element, so just need a bit of armour support for the push up the road.  

Market however will be something that needs a bit more work.  I have "some" 15mm Peter Pig paratroops in my spares box but they are all specialist troops and I didn't find the cost of metal attractive so I have added a box each of the PSC plastic 15mm Paratroops and Heavy Weapons. Peter Pig will be providing the jeeps in three variants, trailers, 75mm Howitzers, more "specials" and spares heads such as: bandaged heads, Polish, Para Helmets and bare heads.  Stretchers, Para Containers in include inthe "specials" category.

I am NOT adding the US Airborne to this project (at the moment ;) )

No photos yet.  This is just to set the scene and layout some ideas for essentially an Infantry force up against my Late War Germans supported with some really odd pieces such as Char B2 (f) Tanks.

I don't have the Overlord book yet. It is on pre-order. so very much a "be prepared to..." set of thoughts:

  • Forward Headquarters Units
    • Forward HQ - 3 Men based around the Peter Pig Signals Jeep.
    • Forward Signals - Doesn't fit the Arnhem theme
    • Comms Relay - Again doesn't seem to fit
    • DR on a Welbike or Jeep
    • Wire Team could be possible but I don't know what figures I could use.
  • Infantry Units (Peter Pig and PSC)
    • Parachute or Gliderborne Infantry Platoon (10 man sections inc Bren)
      • Combat Medic (Probably a conversion)
      • 2" Mortar (PSC/Peter Pig)
      • PIAT (PSC/Peter Pig)
      • 3" Mortar (PSC/Peter Pig)
      • 6 Pdr (PSC Airborne variant and Peter Pig tow)
    • Parachute Squadron, RE
      • Same supports as Inf.
      • Flamethrower team(s) from (PSC/Peter Pig)
  • No Tank Units
  • Artillery Units
    • FOO possibly with a Peter Pig Signals Jeep
    • 4.2" Mortar (Reported as being present but a bit haven't found any definitive reference)
    • 75mm Airborne Howitzer
  • Defences
    • Standard list
  • Reconnaissance Support Units
    • Sniper
    • Jeep Reconnaissance Patrol (Peter Pig Airborne variant or the Airborne Recce)
    • Foot Patrol (10 Figure PSC/Peter Pig)
  • Logistic Support Units
    • Forward Aid Post
    • Stretcher Party
  • Specialist Support Units
    • 17 Pdr AT Gun
    • Recce Jeep with Polsten cannon (Needs a conversion)
  • Additional Fire Support
    • Off-Table support request
    • 75mm Howitzer Battery
    • PRTP
    • Timed 75mm Barrage

Monday, 1 May 2017

BG Kursk - Sdkfz 251/3C - Base coat

The camo coat applied over the VJ Surface primer.  The Sdkfz 251/3C is second from the bottom on the right.
to this:
VJ Middlestone filter applied, followed by VJ Dark Sand Dry Brush, VJ German Camo dark brown as light chipping and tracks. VJ Black Grey for MG42 and tyres.  Still waiting for the photo etch

The PSC kit has been fun to work with.  Need to remember this is a gaming model and that I need to pick it up at some point.