For Sale

Selling up time I am afraid for a number of projects that have lost their way over the years.  I will catalogue as well for those who are interested.

20mm Cold War (S Models BMP-1 1+1 Kit containing two BMP-1 in 1/72nd) Pics  SOLD

1/285th GHQ Unpainted blisters M1A1 and M2A2  SOLD

10/15mm Sci Fi (Mix of Pendraken 10mm and Khurasan creatures

15mm Western Desert armour (£10) Pics

Games Workshop (photos will be added as I go)
  • Dark Angels Army (£125) Catalogue & Pics SOLD
  • Eldar (£50) Catalogue & Pics SOLD
  • Tyranid (£50) SOLD
  • Imperial Guard (£30 - Includes a Leman Russ, Sentinel, Kaskrin) SOLD
  • Necron (£75) Pics and List SOLD
  • Orks (£80 - Includes large case) SOLD
  • Skaven (£20) Pics
  • High Elves (£20)
  • Space Marines Spares box (£30) SOLD
Carry cases are £10 for a small one and £30 for a big one SOLD

Duchy of Warsaw 15mm Napoleonic (£100) Mostly Naismith Design.  

X -Wing Collection (2 Starter Sets, Millenium Falcon, 2 Y-Wings, additional X Wing, Tie Advanced, Hwk-290) KEEPING :)

1/600th Aircraft

  • Battle of Britain Luftwaffe Starter Army (£10)
1/144th Modern US Ground Vehicles

15mm Colonial collection


  1. What aircraft are in the 1/600 BOB Collection and how much are you looking to get for them?

    Also what is in the Colonial collection?

  2. I'm interested in a Tie Fighter, Y Wing and the M. Falcon.
    John's Toy Soldiers

  3. Very interested in several of the 40k armies have pm'd you on the Guild website would like details on the necron and the tyranid armies.