This is a list of my current projects.

War Of The Roses (15mm - PP Bloody Barons)

Napoleonic (15mm - Duchy of Warsaw)

Colonial (15mm Northwest Frontier - PP PITS and The Sword And The Flame)

World War 1 (10mm French, German, British, Russian) PP Square Bashing

World War II (15mm  - PP PBI and Battlegroup Kursk)

Raid Level Air Combat

  • 1/600th Vietnam Air War
  • 1/600th World War 2 Air War
  • 1/600th Korean War Air War
  • 1/600th Arab Israeli Air War
  • 1/600th Iran-Iraq Air War

Vietnam (15mm - PP Men Of Company B)

Modern Skirmish (15mm - Ambush Alley/Force on Force)

Modern Naval Combat (1/1250th, 1/3000th, 1/700th)
Cold War Europe 1985 (6mm West German, British, Russian)

WH40K (28mm - Tau Empire, Necron)

WHFB (28mm - Tomb Kings)

SciFi (15mm - New Israeli)

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