This has been my main pacific focus as far back as I can recall. I remember making a solo 1:1 game up on holiday involving a USMC Section trying to get off the beach using a simple 1D6 system.  I have since then gamed elements based on the battle using a range of rule sets: PBI, PBI2 and 2006; Rapid Fire and now I am playing it using a 1:1 rule set called Muzzle Flash while waiting for the pacific iteration of the Battle Group series by Ironfist.

So I have decided to split my Tarawa information up to support this new change in direction with two pages. The first is the original Rapid Fire information, the other looking at a lower level of detail.  As I suffered a major data failure I will be converting the RF PDF into a series of Blog Posts linked from the main page as this will allow me to rebuild the information.

Tarawa for Rapid Fire

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