World War 2 - 15mm

I think I started out as a WW2 gamer using the airfix figures and rules in the late 1970's.  How things have moved on. 

I moved into Metal and 15mm as a result of discovering Peter Pig at a show in Devizes.  From there I have added figures from different manufacturers.  Theatres have changed as my reading widened which has obvious financial implications!  I have been more disciplined with my WW2 than other periods and have only kept the Eastern Front (1941 - 1943) and the Pacific War (1943+).

My forces were initially based for the PBI rule set by Peter Pig but unfortunately haven't seen the light of day for a seriously long time.  As a result of sorting out my Blog these have been revitalised.


BGK - Refreshing the Units
BGK - Updating the PP Tiger Part 1
BGK - Updating the PP Tiger Part 2
BGK - Sdkfz 251 Halftracks
BGK - Sdkfz 251/9C - Pity they didn't exist
BGK - Armoured Supply Vehicle
BGK - Vehicle Crew
BGK - Soviet Artillery Part 1

Western Desert Forces


Late War British - Part 1
Late War British - Part 2

Kursk - DR Attack
Kursk - SS Panzer Corps Preliminary Attacks

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